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10th Blaston Hound Show: Leicestershire - Sunday 26th June 2011

The 500 mile round trip with hounds leaving the kennels at 4.30am proved very well worthwhile.
The further south hounds travelled the warmer it became ending up the hottest day of the year so far.
The show was very well organised with classes for Old English packs being added for the first time.
Fortunately the Old English packs showed in the morning before the temperature reached roasting point.
Lunch was provided by the two cars of Percy Supporters who also made the trip and hounds started the long journey home straight after lunch due to the heat.

Seven packs of Old English hounds were present and judging began at 11am, the judges were Mr J Lang (Burton 1967 - 2008) and Mr A Wilson (Morpeth).


Class 1 : Single Unentered Dog Hound -  1st Alnwick walked by Mrs Betty Robson

Class 2 : Couple Entered Dog Hounds - 2nd Spitfire walked by Mr Alan Morris and Gamble walked
by Miss Jenny Copley

Class 3 : Best Stallion Hound - 1st Spitfire

Class 4 : Best Old English Dog Hound from Classes 1, 2 and 3
Reserve Champion : Spitfire

Class 5 : Single Unentered Bitch Hound -  1st Alaska walked by Miss Eleanor Morris 2nd Poem walked by Mr Harry Chrisp

Class 6 : Couple Entered Bitch Hounds - 1st Poet walked by Mrs Annette Grey and Poetry walked by Mr David Willey

Class 7 : Best Old English Bitch Hound from Classes 5 and 6

Champion : Poet
Reserve Champion : Poetry

Sandy Wilson, Robert McCarthy and Old English Champion Bitch Poet
P1030737_Custom_Poetp1030750_customPlease see picture gallery for more photos