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The Show took place on a warm afternoon on 05 July 2015 at Ratcheugh Point to Point Course. Although entries were slightly down on last year the afternoons activities made a fair profit for the Friends of The Percy Hunt. A big thank you to all our sponsors and helpers especially Mick Holland for yet again providing our judges with such splendid lunches.           Please find the results of the show below:-

Hound Show

Class 1 - Unentered Dog   Class 2 - Entered Dog      
Morpeth   Percy – “Porter”      
Percy   Morpeth          
North Tyne   Percy          
    West Percy        
Class 3 - Best Couple of Dogs   Class 4 - Unentered Bitch    
Morpeth   Morpeth          
Percy   Morpeth          
North Tyne   Percy          
West Percy   North Tyne        
Class  5 - Entered Bitch   Class 6 - Best Couple of Bitches  
Percy – “Pocket”   Percy          
Morpeth   Morpeth          
West Percy   West Percy        
North Tyne   North Tyne        
Class 7 - Best Two Couple   Class 8 - Veteran Hound     
Percy   North Tyne        
Morpeth   West Percy        
North Tyne   Morpeth          
West Percy   Percy          
CHAMPION FOXHOUND : Percy – “Pocket”        
RESERVE CHAMPION:   Morpeth          
CHAMPION HILLHOUND: North Tyne – “Sunshine”      
RESERVE CHAMPION:   West Percy        
Puppy Class 1&2 1st Tally   Andy Thompson  
  2ND Buster   Hayley Ashby    
  3rd Murdock   Murray Cottrell  
  4th Rambo   Tally Wood    
Most Handsome Dog              
Class 3 1st Seamus   Louise Tait    
  2nd Chase   Kay Thompson  
  3rd Bob   Jen Phizacklea  
  4th Badger   Sylvia Alder    
Prettiest Bitch              
Class 4 1st Maude   Fiona Renner Thompson
  2nd Lacey   Kay Thompson  
  3rd Swift   Peter Cadman  
  4th Sika   Suzanne Gair    
Golden Oldie              
Class 5 1st Honey   John Phizacklea  
  2nd Seamus   Louise Tait    
  3rd Tac   Murray Cotterell  
  4th Badger   Sylvia Alder    
Best Trick              
Class 6 1st Teddy   Emma Allan    
  2nd Marley   Debbie Thompson  
  3rd Seamus   Louise Tait    
  4th Maud   Fiona Renner Thompson
Young Handler              
Class 7 1st Maisie   Lily Ellis    
  2nd Bizzel   Libby Chrisp    
  3rd Tac   Louisa Cummins  
  4th Hooley   Tay Cummins    
Best 6 Legs              
Class 8 1st Isla   Lindsay Underwood  
  2nd Roxie   Charlotte Smith  
  3rd Ebony   Caroline Blackie  
  4th Arnie   Andy Halpin    
Dog Most Like Owner              
Class 9 1st Roxie   Charlotte Smith  
  2nd Ebony   Caroline Blackie  
  3rd Bob   Jen Phizacklea  
  4th Murdock   Murray Cotterell  
Gun Dog              
Class 10 1st Niam   Andy Thompson  
  2nd Neville   Adeline Jonks  
  3rd Bizzell   Libby Chrisp    
  4th Bertie   Andrew Robson  
Results of Terrier and Lurcher Show          
CHAMPION TERRIER : “Taylor” Ian Church      
RESERVE: “Ghillie” Stuart Goulding    
CHAMPION LURCHER: ?   John Nevins      
RESERVE: “Archer” Justine Jones      
Dog Agility Small Dog     Large Dog  
  1st Dotty with Ella   1st Sydney with Ida
  2nd Lucy with Rosie   2nd Otto with Guy
  3rd Daisy with Millie 3rd Otto with Oliver
  4th Jess with Lisa   4th Belle with Laura