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Our first big hound show of 2013 took place on the 30 June at Blaston in Fernie country in Leicestershire. The judges were Mr D Jukes (Zetland) and Mr A Thompson (Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray). The Old English classes were very kindly sponsored by Baily's Hunting Directory.

The Percy Hunt took six couple of hounds down to the Show. In the first class the Unentered Dog we showed Glendale walked by our Secretary, Mrs Emma Howie and Allbury walked by Miss Becca Connor. They both showed well but didn’t catch the judges’ eye.

The next class, the Entered Dog Couple, we showed Clinker and Cleveland, both walked by Mrs Emma Howie. This was the first time we had shown these two young dogs and they went on to win the class.

The next class we showed in was the Stallion Hound Class, in this we showed two hounds, Gamble walked by Miss Jenny Copley and Alnwick, walked by Mrs Betty Robson. This was a strong class with all eight Old English packs showing in it and Percy Alnwick went on to win which was very pleasing.

We then took Alnwick and Clinker into the Championship with Alnwick going on to be Reserve Champion. A very nice young dog Hurworth Corporal was Champion. 

We then went on to the Unentered Bitches. We showed two in this class, Posie walked by Miss Aimée Straughan and Mr Chris Newlands and Allagra walked by the Morris Family. I was pleased with how these young bitches showed and even more pleased when Posie went on to win the class. Posie is a bitch we like a lot in kennels and was the first pup walked by Aimée and Chris.

The next class was the Entered Couple of bitches, in this we showed two bitches we have not shown before, Lilac, walked by Mrs Lynn Walker and Claret, walked by Mr Billy Crole.  These also went on to win the class.

We showed two bitches in the Brood Bitch Class, Garnish, walked by Mrs Lynn Walker and Galaxy walked by Miss Joanna Walton but these were not to the judges liking.

We then took Posie and Lilac into the Championship and Lilac went on to be Champion Bitch which was very pleasing.

We showed in all six classes and won four, also taking the Dog Hound Reserve Championship and the Bitch Championship so it was a very good day for the Percy and well worth the long journey.

Robert McCarthy

                                                                    Lilac Champion Bitch                                                                                                         
 P1000313 lilac

The End of The Day
P1000319 trophies